Mike Becky

‘I’m on Cloud Nine’ ➝

Marco Arment on the newly announced 16-inch MacBook Pro’s scissor switch keyboard:

Look at this glorious keyboard! An Esc key! Inverted-T arrow keys! A millimeter of key travel! Enough spacing between the keys for our fingers to accurately orient themselves! And keystrokes will probably work, 100% of the time, for years! […]

The new keyboard is very similar to the recent desktop Magic Keyboard, and I expect it to have a wide appeal, just as the Magic Keyboard does. It has slightly less travel and spacing, but the overall feeling is very similar — and it’s nothing at all like the butterfly keyboard.

I absolutely love it — not because it’s the most amazing keyboard in the world, but because it’s completely forgettable in the best possible way. It just feels normal again.

I love my 2018 MacBook Air in every way, it’s one of my favorite Macs I’ve ever owned. Except for the keyboard, which is absolutely atrocious. I’ve had the machine for about a year and have been struggling with duplicate keypresses and missed keypresses for almost that entire time.

But this new keyboard truly seems like it will fix all of the issues with reliability while also reintroducing all of the design decisions that we’ve been clamoring for. I just hope Apple very quickly adds this new keyboard to the rest of their notebook lineup.

➝ Source: marco.org