You Choose ➝

Brent Simmons, on the idea that weblogs are dead:

You choose the web you want. But you have to do the work.

A lot of people are doing the work. You could keep telling them, discouragingly, that what they’re doing is dead. Or you could join in the fun.

Again: you choose.

The only reason that so many people believe weblogs are dead is because they believe weblogs are dead. But the web is what you make it — we all have the ability to create websites and publish our thoughts, after all. The web is us.

And if we choose to continue sharing our best work on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium then those will be the services that hold all the power. But if we start publishing on our own domains and syndicating that content with RSS readers, we’ll be able to take that power back and build a web that’s more akin to what we all enthusiastically imagined it would be 10–15 years ago. We can make it that way, but we have to consciously choose to do so.

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