Apple’s Abysmal Mail Toolbar ➝

Craig Grannell:

On [iOS 12], you have immediate access to options that let you flag, file, archive/delete, reply, and start a new message. It’s not overly complicated, and it looks fine. Also: all these actions are fundamental to rapidly dealing with email. Now, you only get archive/delete and reply.

This change is a bit baffling to me. Why would Apple remove quick access to so many useful features in favor of this “archive plus junk drawer” setup? Luckily for me, the vast majority of the email I receive is simply archived. But for anyone that frequently perform other actions, this change is terrible.

But I think Apple can do better than simply reverting to the previous design. Why don’t they give us the option to customize these buttons, so that each user can have exactly the ones they want? By default, Mail can display the most commonly used options alongside a generic “more” icon. That can serve as the junk drawer for the rest of the options. And within that menu, Apple could also offer the ability to customize the order of each icon and whether it’s shown at the top level, directly below your email, or within the menu.

There was a time when Apple offered that sort of customization — remember the bottom tab bar in the old iPod app for iPhone?

➝ Source: reverttosaved.com