Mike Becky

iOS 13.2 Fixes the HomeKit Grouping Issue ➝

One of the biggest annoyances since upgrading to iOS 13 is that HomeKit devices that contain multiple accessories are grouped into a single tile in the Home app. For example, we have a few of the iDevices Switches that contain a power outlet and a night light. Prior to iOS 13, those two items were separate tiles, but not the case on iOS 13.

That doesn’t sound too bad, but what that means in practice is that you have to tap into an accessory group to control an individual item. And for devices with multiple sensors, you can’t simply glance at the tile to see data, you have to tap to open the tile to see readings from each sensor.

But Aaron Pearce noticed that the iOS 13.2 beta gives you the option to ungroup the accessories so they can be controlled on their own individual tiles. Accessories are still grouped by default, but I’m glad we’ll have the option to separate them now.

➝ Source: twitter.com