Mike Becky

‘My Shortcuts Library’ ➝

Matthew Cassinelli, in his article announcing his Shortcuts Library:

Before this app, I never had engineering training and I didn’t know how to code – I am just a guy who likes taking advantage of the technology available to him.

For me, what was Workflow—and is now much-improved as Shortcuts—stuck out as a unique experience. The blend of drag-and-drop building blocks along with deep scripting capabilities and the access to the world of iOS apps on hardware like the iPhone and iPad was so unique – clearly Apple noticed this too – but it made me feel like I could truly take advantage of these mobile computers as real pieces of useful technology and not just the latest gadget.

I had a lot of the same feelings when I first started digging into Workflow a few years ago. Workflow opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. No other automation tool clicked in the way that Workflow did and I was suddenly able to build all sorts of neat little personal scripts to streamline my life and smooth out the rough edges in iOS.

Workflow’s existence was the primary reason I was able to use iOS as my primary platform and gave me the ability to do more on iOS than I ever could on the Mac — despite everyone’s insistence that the Mac was more powerful.

Now that Workflow has become Shortcuts and is now fully integrated into iOS, I can’t describe how excited I am to see what folks like a Matthew and others have been able to build with a Shortcuts and share with the world.

➝ Source: matthewcassinelli.com