AutoSleep ➝

I started using this app recently to track my sleep habits. I had previously used Sleep++, but as far as I know, that app requires you to wear your watch in order to record data. When testing the app, I determined that I really don’t like sleeping with a watch on.

AutoSleep is much more flexible, letting you choose whether you prefer to wear your watch to sleep or not. If you do, it uses the data collected by your watch to track your sleep. But more importantly for me, if you don’t wear your watch to sleep, it keeps track of when your watch is placed on its charger and combines that with data from your iPhone’s motion tracking chip to intelligently guess when you’re sleeping.

While I don’t expect this method is quite as accurate as tracking your sleep entirely from your watch’s data, it can certainly give you an idea of your sleep trends and offer suggestions about how you can improve. If you’re looking for a sleep tracking app, AutoSleep seems like the absolute best in the market.