Mike Becky

Details on the Next iPad Pro ➝

Chance Miller, writing for 9 to 5 Mac on Macotakara’s recent iPad Pro report:

The report goes on to explain that Apple is likely to ditch the headphone jack with this year’s iPad Pro models, a move the company first made with the iPhone 7. While Apple includes a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter to ease the blow for iPhone users, it will not do the same for iPad Pro users, according to today’s report.

Today’s report corroborates that this year’s iPad Pro models will feature Face ID, but it notes that there is no support for landscape Face ID as earlier reports had indicated. This presents an interesting problem for the iPad Pro, which is used commonly in landscape mode with accessories such as the Smart Keyboard. Macotakara notes, however, that Apple is moving the Smart Connector on this year’s models to “the lower rear side – close to the Lightning connector.”

I can’t remember the last time I used the headphone jack on my iPad, but it was most likely before I purchased AirPods. I’m probably going to be buying one of these iPad Pros and I’m fine with the headphone jack disappearing. Just don’t let Nilay know about this rumor because we’ll never hear the end of it.

The Face ID rumor is odd to me, though. I never use my iPad in portrait mode. With the only exception being the times when I launch Noisli, a simple white noise app that doesn’t support landscape orientation for some reason. Maybe the Face ID camera will be located in the same place as the current iPad Pro’s FaceTime camera, but will work in either orientation for the purposes of Face ID. Otherwise, I have no idea what Apple is thinking.