Re-Emphasizing the Decentralized Feed ➝

Nick Heer:

RSS and JSON Feed are both terrific formats for reading — not just on the web, but reading generally. They work with a lot of different client applications that can be set up to your liking, and you can subscribe to as many or as few websites as you like. You can be a completionist with your subscriptions, or you can let new posts flow by and only focus on a handful. You can even have a combination of the two, using something like Lire and its excellent Discover section — you can see that, even with an obnoxious amount of unread items overall, it’s possible to prioritize what to look at first. Best of all, you are in control of RSS and JSON Feeds, not a mysterious algorithm that you don’t fully understand.

That last point is the most compelling reason to use RSS. You get to build your own news service from sources that you trust without any worry that some algorithm is going to start injecting irrelevant or inflammatory stories into the stream.