Apple’s Sweet Solution ➝

Ryan Christoffel, writing for MacStories:

Just imagine it: Steve Jobs, on-stage at Apple’s big developer conference, telling a crowd of Mac developers that web apps were the way to go for iPhone. And not only the way, but a “very sweet way,” an “awesome way.” Don’t believe him? Just look at Google! They build pretty great stuff.

The reality distortion field may have tried its hardest, but there was no amount of Jobs enthusiasm that could have sold developers. During the entire presentation on web apps, the only applause given came as a faint courtesy when Scott Forstall entered and exited the stage to demo web apps’ functionality. Clearly there was no excitement in the room for this “very sweet solution.”

One of my biggest regrets was not being more involved at this stage of the iPhone’s life. I was still writing about it on my weblog — I bought the original iPhone on day one, after all. But I wish that I would have had the foresight to learn more about web development then, instead of waiting until just a few years ago to hone my skills.