Apple Makes Changes Inside and Outside the Mac App Store ➝

Jason Snell, writing on Six Colors:

The severe restrictions of the Mac App Store’s security policies were one of the reasons most frequently cited by developers who decided to bail out on the store and just go back to selling apps directly. It’s no coincidence that two notable developers who abandoned the Mac App Store, Bare Bones and Panic, were highlighted in a slide at the WWDC Keynote: That’s Apple sending a message to developers that the Mac App Store is changing and that they might want to give it a second look. I’d expect Apple to continue in this direction with the Mac App Store in the future.

The Mac App Store is a great opportunity for Apple to provide a safe storefront for customers and a means of discovery for the best Mac apps. But Apple must create an environment where developers can build apps that have the features that their customers want. Up until now, Apple wasn’t doing a good enough job in that respect. But I’m glad that they made the necessary changes to get the likes of Panic and Bare Bones Software back on board.