Mike Becky

Switching to a Wired Apple Keyboard ➝

Josh Ginter, on Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad:

For one, my Magic Keyboard has suffered from that warping everyone talked about a few months ago. Does it inhibit the ability to type? No, not directly. But it drives me nuts every time I look at it.

Second, the Magic Keyboard has four feet on the bottom to give it some sort of friction with the desk. My current desk is on the shinier, more slippery side, so this is working against the Magic Keyboard from the start. However, those feet have tended to collect dust — dust which needs to be rubbed off, otherwise the Magic Keyboard slides all over the desk when typing. I suppose I could purchase a leather desk mat to keep the keyboard from sliding around. But I shouldn’t have to.

Third, I’ve begun to notice the impact Apple’s butterfly mechanism keys are having on my fingers and wrists. Like everyone else, when I get on a roll, it becomes easy to hammer down on a key just a little too hard. Do that hundreds and thousands of times and you’re left with sore fingers and wrists. In my cold basement, I feel like that impact is only exacerbated.

He’s moved back to an old, wired Apple keyboard for the time being and you can’t blame him with the problem’s outlined above.

I absolutely adore the original, smaller Magic Keyboard, though, and use it with my iPad daily. And I plan on getting the numeric keypad version alongside my next Mac sometime this summer. Even with all the potential problems, I want to try it myself. And if I experience the same issues that Josh has, I’ll also switch to an old wired keyboard — likely the one that came with my 2008 iMac.