Mike Becky

Too Many Siris ➝

Bryan Irace:

When talking to Siri on my iPhone, she has a certain set of capabilities. These differ if I talk to Siri on my Mac. When talking to Siri through my AirPods, she’ll assume whatever functionality she’d otherwise have on the device that they’re currently paired with. Siri on my Apple Watch can take certain actions when untethered, but different ones when my iPhone happens to be in range. Siri on my Apple TV has a different set of skills altogether, and now, the HomePod will add yet another Siri to the family.

Apple needs to unify Siri and let third-party developers build server-side SiriKit extensions that work whether your iPhone is available or not. I’m bullish on Apple’s future in the voice assistant race, but they need to get their act together soon. This year’s WWDC feels like a make or break moment for them in this regard.