The Future of Mac Upgradability ➝

Rui Carmo, on his iMac purchase:

Furthermore, given what they did to the iMac Pro (which foregoes even the RAM slot this iMac still has), I suspect that upcoming consumer iMacs will also not be user-upgradable by default, so I figured this was a great opportunity to buy a Mac that would allow me to upgrade something a few years from now. And I’ll take upgrading the RAM if that’s my only option, thank you.

I will probably be buying an iMac sometime this year and the ability to upgrade down the line is a major selling point for me. But my first instinct when buying an Apple product is to wait until a new model ships.

This is normally a smart move — wait a few more months and get a superior machine for the same price. But I don’t want to wait for a new model only to find out that Apple removed the RAM upgrade door in the next generation iMac. Then I’ll be stuck scrambling to find a previous-generation machine in the configuration I wanted or having to pay Apple’s exorbitant prices to upgrade the machine’s RAM.