Apple Will Not Have an October Event This Year ➝

Juli Clover, writing for MacRumors:

This shouldn’t come as any surprise given that it’s already the 20th of October, but Apple has no plans to hold an event to introduce new products this month. Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi confirmed there will be no October event in an email to MacRumors reader Luke.

Prior to Apple’s most recent event, I had hoped for a second keynote before the end of the year. I felt like there was plenty of product announcements and software recaps to do that would fill the time. And a second event would give each of the presenters an opportunity to dive deeper on product features.

But all of the important announcements that I noted in the aforementioned link were already discussed at last month’s event. They don’t have enough left to justify another keynote. That means we should expect the availability of the Amazon Video app for Apple TV to be announced in a press release. And the HomePod and iMac Pro will be released after private press briefings and published reviews by some of the more influential publications.

The only remaining wildcard was my expectation of some sort of third-party software integration in the HomePod. But as we creep closer to the device’s release, it’s becoming painfully clear that Apple isn’t ready for it this year or it isn’t going to happen at all.