‘This Is the iPad Size That Should Have Always Been’ ➝

Ben Brooks:

The 12.9” is amazing, but it’s cumbersome to use for just about any non-desk task. It’s too big to really use on a plane, or in any crowded coffee shops. But, it is a fantastic screen size which leaves little want when you work all day with it.

If I only had to pick one, it’d be the 10.5” without hesitation.

There’s a sense of freedom you gain with the 10.5” model that I never had with the 9.7” or the 12.9”. The sense that if I want to take my iPad away from my desk for any reason, taking the 10.5” gives me next to no tradeoffs. I can go read for hours, or write for hours, or anything in between.

When the iPad Air 2 was released, I knew there was something special about it. The massive increase in horse power couldn’t have been coincidental, Apple had a plan for all that extra performance. And the following year, Split View multitasking was announced.

I’m starting to get a similar feeling about the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. I’m not sure if it’s the ProMotion display, the screen size, the performance improvements, or something else, but I think the 10.5 is the iPad to buy right now. And I expect it to age well — like the Air 2 has — holding its own against new iPad models for the next few years.