Mike Becky

macOS High Sierra ➝

Announced at yesterday’s keynote, macOS High Sierra will be available this fall and is compatible with all Macs that Sierra supports. The new operating system’s landmark features include Apple File System, support for HEVC (H.265 video), Metal 2, major improvements to Photos, and a privacy-focused Safari update.

I can’t believe they actually used the name “High Sierra”. During the announcement, I kept waiting for Craig Federighi to reveal the real name. Which, of course, never happened. I think they should have named it after one of the highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada — macOS Whitney sounds pretty good to me. Setting that aside, High Sierra looks like a solid release. It isn’t filled with a ton of whiz-bang-boom features, but it doesn’t have to. Desktop operating systems have reached the point in their lifecycle where they’re practically feature-complete. From here, refinement is the name of the game.