Mike Becky

Biz Stone Returns to Twitter ➝

Biz Stone, writing on Medium:

Twitter decided to relaunch the Friday afternoon tradition of Tea Time for employees in SF. Jack invited me to join him as “special guest” at this restart of an old tradition. When I stood next to Jack addressing the crowd of employees, I felt the energy, and I was overcome with emotion. I realized in that moment that Twitter was the most important work of my life.

While we were on stage, Jack asked me to come back to work at Twitter. People cheered. But I wasn’t really sure if he meant it. After Tea Time, we spoke privately and Jack told me that he really did — he wanted me to come back and work at Twitter. The company I co-founded, the service I co-invented. I was stunned, but I knew the answer.

I don’t know if his guidance of the company culture will have a substantial impact on the service from a user standpoint, but I’m kind of excited about this.

(Via Drew Coffman.)