What Kickstarter Can Teach Us About iPad Hardware Needs ➝

Ben Brooks:

However, there is one good thing about Kickstarter: it shows you what people want. Create a project, get a prototype, put it on Kickstarter (or Indiegogo, I am using those interchangeably here) and you’ll instantly know if there is a market for your product. With that in mind, I searched both services with the phrase “iPad Pro”.

Oh my.

My goal was simple: to figure out what people feel is missing, from a hardware perspective, with the iPad Pro. Surprisingly, I can lump almost all the products I found into three categories: Pencil accessories, cases, and speakers. Let’s take a look at some of what I found, and why there is (or isn’t) a market for such things — and see what we can glean from all of this.

What a brilliant idea. I never would have thought to take this approach when looking at untapped potential in the iPad accessory market. And I think accessory makers would be wise to use this strategy when determining what products would be worth developing in the future.