Mike Becky

Apple’s TV App Has Changed How I Watch Television ➝

Lory Gil, writing for iMore:

With Up Next, I just open the TV app and browse my recently watched content across all of the apps I watch stuff in (except Netflix). Sometimes, I’ll have forgotten that I was watching a show and can pick it up without missing a beat thanks to Up Next.

It’s so much less frustrating and time consuming than having to search around a variety of apps looking for something to watch. I used to spend 15 minutes (or more) looking for something to watch. With Up Next, I spend less time looking for something and more time just watching.

This has been my experience as well. But I would encourage anyone who uses the TV app on Apple TV to try adding it to their top row and reverting to the old home button behavior. The TV app is great, but interacting with the Up Next queue from the home screen’s Top Shelf is far superior than within the app itself. At this point, I only launch the TV app if I want to find something new to watch.