tvOS Apps Can Now Be Purchased on iOS Devices and Macs ➝

John Voorhees, writing for MacStories:

Today, Apple added tvOS apps to its iTunes Link Maker web app and enabled tvOS app purchases on iOS devices, even if the tvOS app is available only on the Apple TV. iTunes Link Maker lets you search for and generate links to iTunes content. tvOS app links generated by the iTunes Link Maker open in iTunes on macOS and the App Store app on iOS where the apps can be purchased or downloaded. If automatic downloads are enabled on your Apple TV, any apps acquired this way should show up on your Apple TV the next time you turn it on.

I expected Apple to add this functionality to their new Remote app — allowing you to fully manage your Apple TV from iOS, like you can with the Watch. I’m not sure if this is a better solution, my proposal seems a bit cleaner to me, but at least we can finally link to tvOS apps on the web. This is great news for developers who may have found it difficult to promote their Apple TV apps — it’s much easier to send someone a link than to tell them to search for it, and hope they remember to, next time their using the device.