Bluetooth Headphones Are Annoying ➝

On the heels of my piece from yesterday on how Apple will transition to wireless headphones, here’s a great piece by Lauren Goode from early last month:

You have to charge them. And pair them. Late for a conference call you need to dial into? Hold on — you need to jam your Bluetooth buds in your ears and pair them to your phone if you’re not already paired. Got a sudden burst of motivation to work out? Sorry, no music — headphones are dead. (Substitute “work out” for “play video games”; same thing.) A plastic three-button remote is a poor substitute for an entire phone interface when it comes to controlling music, answering phone calls, or using Siri. Some Bluetooth headphones even have the remote-control functions built into the earbuds themselves — which means every time you try to adjust your earbuds, you inadvertently skip a song.

I can’t wait to see how many of these complaints Apple is able to tackle when they inevitably release their own, Apple branded, Bluetooth headphones.