Mike Becky

iOS and Patience ➝

Ben Brooks:

Using iOS full time takes patience, but don’t misconstrue that as a statement that things are not as easy, or fast, as on a Mac. Patience because iOS requires you to retrain your natural instincts of how you should go about things on a traditional computer.

This perfectly encapsulates my thoughts on using an iPad, rather than a Mac, as a primary machine. The key point is that most tasks require a different set of tools and a new way of thinking in order to accomplish. Claiming that things are strictly easier or strictly better on iOS is a fallacy, they’re just different.

Perhaps you prefer to use OS X to get your work done because you’re more comfortable with the tools — that’s fine. But arguing that one platform or another is better suited is just foolish. I like iOS more because it fits my lifestyle and offers tools that I typically enjoy using more than their desktop counterparts. And that shouldn’t impede your enjoyment of OS X — there’s no reason we can’t both coexist harmoniously.

I do think most iPhone and OS X users should give the iPad an honest try, though. It might not work out for you, but at least you’ll know for sure rather than passing judgement based on hearsay. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a few tasks that you actually end up preferring to do on the iPad.