Mike Becky

Facebook Is Wrong, Text Is Deathless ➝

Tim Carmody, writing on kottke.org:

Text is surprisingly resilient. It’s cheap, it’s flexible, it’s discreet. Human brains process it absurdly well considering there’s nothing really built-in for it. Plenty of people can deal with text better than they can spoken language, whether as a matter of preference or necessity. And it’s endlessly computable — you can search it, code it. You can use text to make it do other things.

In short, all of the same technological advances that enable more and more video, audio, and immersive VR entertainment also enable more and more text. We will see more of all of them as the technological bottlenecks open up.

The idea that text will eventually be supplanted by video is foolish. No matter what technological advancements our world lives through, nothing will ever be as discrete, digestible, and approachable as text. The creation and consumption of it will never be matched by another medium. At least, not in our lifetime.