Comparing iPad Pros ➝

Ben Brooks weighs the pros and cons of both iPad Pro form factors and concludes that the larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro is better for productivity while the 9.7-inch model is superior for portability. I couldn’t agree more. And while I’m more than capable of getting all my work done on a 9.7-inch device — an iPad Air 2 — I can see where the larger display would come in handy.

From what I’ve gathered — by reading numerous takes on the two iPad sizes — most, including Ben, cite a couple major areas in which the larger iPad Pro improves upon the smaller model — the keyboard and multitasking. I’m all-in on the idea of multitasking being a huge step-up in the larger iPad Pro. I use the feature dozens of times each day on my Air 2, but too often I feel constrained by the physical limitations of the display. I just want to see more content without having to scroll so frequently.

But as for the larger iPad Pro’s on-screen keyboard, I completely disagree. I haven’t used the 12.9-inch iPad Pro full-time like Ben has, but every time I’ve had the opportunity to use one I’ve felt lost while typing. Perhaps that’s because of how accustom I’ve become to the 9.7-inch keyboard, but I find my hands floating in one direction or another beyond what autocorrect is capable of compensating for.

This’ll put me in a pretty tough position when I’m ready to buy my next iPad. I love the idea of seeing more of my apps while I’m multitasking, but I don’t know if that’s worth sacrificing my typing experience. Maybe I’ll buy the larger iPad anyway with the idea of returning it after a few weeks, if I’m not able to get used to typing on it.