‘Take Only Your iPhone and One Other Device if You Need It’ ➝

Ben Brooks, on keeping your electronics kit light:

You need far fewer electronic devices than you think. All I carry is my iPhone and my iPad Pro. Done. My rule here is very simple: take a phone and one other device. Unless you have a major reason why you need three devices, take only two.

I’ve been following this rule for over a year and don’t expect I’ll ever look back. I currently travel with my iPhone and iPad Air 2. And Like Ben, I could probably get by without the iPad. Though, if I find time for writing, I really appreciate the extra screen real estate.

I used to lug my MacBook Air with me, up until I bought the new iPad last year. One huge benefit of going all-in on iOS is how much lighter your bag is. Not only are the computing devices themselves lighter, but everything I travel with charges over USB. I can bring a single, 4-port Anker USB charger, the necessary cables, and I’m able to charge everything I need to.