What We Lose in a Streaming Music World ➝

Richard Anderson:

There are digital files in my collection that are over a decade old. They’ve traveled with me across multiple computers, and multiple lives. This is meaningful in a way that streaming can never be. How do you connect with music that you simply rent, and could disappear from your library the moment you turn your back? […]

How will you explore the music of a surprisingly good opening band when they don’t exist in the library of Apple Music, Spotify, or TIDAL? So much music that has touched my soul, you can’t stream it for love or money. I had to seek it out on my own, pawing through used music bins, or going to shows. When there’s an all-you-can eat buffet for $9.99, what’s the incentive to order something that isn’t on the menu?

The move to streaming services is going to be extremely painful for smaller bands that are still struggling to get noticed. Not only do they get a smaller piece of the pie, but they’re more likely to get lost in the shuffle alongside, what seems like, an infinite supply of options.