Mike Becky

The Trouble With 3D Touch ➝

Jason Snell, writing for Macworld:

Unfortunately, after six months of using an iPhone 6s, I’m afraid that I’ve completely stopped using 3D Touch, to the point where I forget it’s there. My opinion about how brilliantly implemented this feature is hasn’t changed a bit, but I feel like Apple needs to rethink the meaning of the 3D Touch in iOS 10 for it to be a more useful feature.[…]

Although Apple’s proud of the peek/pop interface that it unveiled with the iPhone 6s, I’m skeptical of its utility. Most of the time, when I accidentally initiate a “peek” of the content behind whatever I’m pressing on, it’s content I was already trying to see by tapping. Loading a “peek” doesn’t really take any more time than actually tapping on an item and loading the result, and returning back to the previous screen seems a lot less work than holding your finger on the glass while you peruse a “peek” to see if it’s worth opening the rest of the way.

I was always afraid that 3D Touch was more of a gimmick than a useful-in-real-life feature. I’ve tried to integrate it into the way I use my iPhone, but it just never took. As Snell points out in his piece, 3D Touch is often slower to use than simply tapping an item and tapping a back button. Unfortunately, it’s the type of feature that demos exceptionally well, but doesn’t actually improve my experience while using the device.