MacStories Reviews Activity++ ➝

Jake Underwood, writing for MacStories, on David Smith’s newly announced Activity++:

Activity++ is very similar to Apple’s own Activity app. And for those unfamiliar with Smith’s “++” branding, the app could be confused as a tool which adds more functionality to the stock Activity app. I’ll strike that down right now – while Activity++ does offer improvements to both the iPhone and Apple Watch Activity apps, these improvements aren’t related to new functionality.

Activity++ will make its way onto your devices because of its convenience. On either platform, the app presents activity data in digestible sets of information that are accessible and void of any clutter. Don’t think, however, that the data is simple; rather, consider that Activity++ has a form of presentation superior to Apple’s own Activity app.

I installed the app yesterday morning and have been very happy with it so far. I find the “streaks” visualization to be much more enjoyable than the way Apple’s Activity app displays similar data.