Apple Releases tvOS 9.2 ➝

Graham Spencer does a great job detailing the changes and additions to tvOS in version 9.2. The most impressive new feature is the ability to dictate search terms, usernames, and passwords. I’ve only had 9.2 installed on my Apple TV since the public release on Monday, but I’m already using dictation as if it had always been there.

If you’re worried about the privacy implications of dictating passwords, Graham addresses the issue:

[…]it should be noted that spelling dictation (used for things such as email, username, passwords, phone numbers, etc) is processed locally on the Apple TV and the voice input is never sent to Apple.

One point of frustration that I discovered after updating to 9.2 is that you can no longer scrub through the current video at any time by swiping on the touch surface. To scrub through a video, you now have to pause it first. This was obviously meant to reduce the amount of inadvertent input which disrupts video playback, but I’m going to have to rebuild my muscle memory around the new method.