GE Moves on from Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs ➝

Ry Crist, writing for CNET:

By the end of the year, GE will cease production and sales of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), the manufacturer announced this morning. Moving forward, the company’s focus will fall entirely on halogen incandescents and on high-efficiency LEDs.

Despite the superior energy efficiency of CFLs, I’ve continued to use standard incandescent light bulbs while they’re still available. I was never able to find a good CFL that offered comparable light quality to regular-old incandescents alongside inexpensive per-bulb pricing with zero warm up time. I tried bulbs from a wide range of manufacturers, but nothing stood up to the 75W Philips Natural Light bulbs I purchased from my local Wegmans.

I had previously stated away from LED bulbs because they’re much more expensive then CFLs and especially incandescents. But with new regulations limiting their sale, standard incandescent bulbs with decent light output are almost impossible to find. I think it’s finally time for me to start looking more seriously at LEDs.