Creating Device-Framed Screenshots in Workflow ➝

Jordan Merrick:

Instead of looking to insert a screenshot inside device image, a screenshot can be “wrapped” by slicing a device image beforehand. Then, with some creative use of the “Combine Images” action and a few variables later, it’s possible to wrap a screenshot in a way that results in a perfect image of an iOS device containing a screenshot.

Workflow is an application that I’ve wanted to dig into for quite some time. And this workflow is a great example of why.

The app really reminds me a lot of Quicksilver — an incredibly powerful and versatile application that’s capable of streamlining tasks and improving your productivity. When I first started using the Mac in 2006, Quicksilver was always the first app I’d install on a new machine. I have since moved on to using Alfred, but it’s become such an important tool for me that I can barely find my way around a mac without it. At some point, I’d like Workflow to feel that essential to me.

(Via MacStories.)