‘Pandora’s Thumbprint Radio is What Apple Music Needs’ ➝

Kirk McElhearn:

Pandora’s approach makes a lot of sense. Rather than try to funnel my listening into a single unit – an album or playlist – a radio station that plays music I like, and related music, across all genres, is far more interesting. Sure, there are times I’m in the mood to hear some Cabaret Voltaire; I’ll just spin one of their albums. Or when I want some mellow jazz, I’ll put on some of Miles Davis’s early records, and when I want funky jazz, I’ll turn up the volume and listen to Bitches Brew. But sometimes I just want music.

I’ve spent several hours listening to Pandora’s Thumbprint Radio and I couldn’t be more happy with it. The personalized station has helped me rediscover dozens of tracks that I completely forgot about. I would absolutely love for Apple Music to gain this feature.