‘Why I Now Have Two iPads’ ➝

Karan Varindani, writing on Medium:

The iPad mini bridges the gap between my iPhone and iPad Pro perfectly. The Air might be the best iPad for some people, but I strongly believe that there’s room for the Pro-Mini combination, too. A lot of people have disagreed with me on this already, and I understand why: The thought of needing two iPads sounds obnoxious. However, none of these people are iPad users, and I know three iPad Pro users that have been considering doing what I have so I know I’m not alone. All I can say is, after two weeks of using both devices, I don’t regret my decision. I won’t use the mini for any real ‘work,’ and it’s probably not going to leave my room much (if at all), but it definitely has a place in my device ecosystem. So, yes: I now have two iPads.

For many users, the days of traditional desktop computing will soon be a thing of the past.