‘Why I’ve Fallen in Love with My iPad All over Again’ ➝

Scott Wassmer, writing on Medium:

I wanted my iPad to do everything as well as my laptop could but the promise just didn’t realize itself.

Disheartened my iPad was used less and less frequently. It became much easier for me to turn to my laptop when I need to do the power lifting that both work and personal tasks required. It became relegated to a vacation device, something I would load movies on when my wife and I were going to be on a long flight. Even then it didn’t meet all of my vacation needs and became pushed aside for a Kindle when I wanted to read a book on the beach.

I had a similar experience after purchasing the original iPad. I had high hopes that it would be the one device that I could do everything on, but hardware limitations and software immaturity held it back. Then I purchased an iPad Air 2 in February and everything felt different.

Suddenly the iPad that was used as a second screen while working on my MacBook was replaced by a device that was comparible in processing power to my main Mac and whose software was capable of performing nearly every task I needed it to. I haven’t come to the same exact conclusions as Scott — my iPad is used for far more than just consumption — but over the past nine months, I’ve fallen in love with the iPad all over again.