The Ergonomics of iPad Pro ➝

Ben Brooks:

It is also true that this is a great way to set the iPad Pro up if you are typing on it with the software keyboard, but there is a big catch to all of this: it’s uncomfortable to use the iPad Pro this way.

I have problems with my back and neck, and if I am looking too far down at a device for too long, I start to have a lot of neck and back pain. Using an iPad Pro to type like this, flat on a desk, is a recipe for disaster.

When I first got my iPad Air 2 earlier this year, I spent a lot of time using it flat on the kitchen table. I quickly learned, however, that it caused more neck and back stress than I really would prefer. If I use it at a table now, I’ll only do so with it propped up by TwelveSouth’s Compass.