Mike Becky

Jason Snell Reviews Apple’s Magic Keyboard ➝

I really enjoyed Jason Snell’s review of Apple’s new Magic Keyboard on Six Colors. This bit in particular really jumped out at me:

Like the new mouse and trackpad released by Apple today, the Magic Keyboard ditches the AA batteries of the older model for an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. As a result, the hump at the top of the keyboard is gone, reducing the border around the keyboard to a few millimeters, the overall footprint of the keyboard by 13 percent, and the pitch of the keyboard by half. Less pitch on a keyboard is a good thing—a keyboard that slopes up forces you to bend your wrists, which is pretty bad form ergonomically speaking.

How to charge this new rechargeable keyboard, then? There’s a small lightning port on the back edge of the keyboard, and Apple includes a USB-to-lightning cable to charge it. According to Apple, the battery inside the Magic Keyboard will last “a month or more,” which is a darn sight longer than the Logitech rechargeable keyboard I’ve been using the last couple of years.

I’m glad Apple has started moving to lightning cables for charging many of their accessories — first the Apple TV remote and now the trackpad, mouse, and keyboard. Lightning seems perfect for this sort of use. It’s a thin connector giving Apple a lot of room for miniaturization and the cables are nearly ubiquitous in Apple-centric households. The best part for me is that, if I end up purchasing one of these keyboards, it’ll be to pair with my iPad Air 2 and while I’m traveling I’ll only have to bring a single charger and cable for both.

I’m also happy that Apple managed to reduce the slope of the keyboard. This was one of my biggest complaints about the previous model and the flatter design of the Magic Keyboard will be a welcomed change for my wrists.