Mike Becky

I’m Not Signing Up for Apple Music ➝

Richard Anderson:

Streaming is ephemeral, and that worries me. If an artist or a label decides it doesn’t like the deal Apple is playing, what’s to stop them from pulling their music? Remember Taylor Swift and Spotify? Prince pulled his music from everything but TIDAL. They won’t be the last ones. Anyone who grumbles about needing membership to a bunch of different video streaming services to watch the shows they want, yet is happy to sign up for a streaming music service, is just asking for the same pain down the line.

No one in the music industry has the ability to reach into your hard drive and remove legally purchased music from it. I’m with Richard on this, the convenience of streaming services doesn’t outweigh the lack of freedom that comes with it. I’d rather pay for music than risk having my favorite bands’ albums taken from me on a whim when their record label decides they’re no longer happy with their compensation.