‘Death to Analytics’ ➝

Ben Brooks:

Had Shawn [Blanc] followed what his analytics told him though, he would still be writing about Reeder. And I am sure that would have been great writing, but he would have never changed my life with The Focus Course — nor the lives of many others he has touched through his writing of late. […]

If you are starting a new blog, or have one already, the best thing you can do is turn off all analytics. If you are worried about knowing when your site is “big” then worry no more. Trust me when I tell you: you will know when you site is big, with or without analytics, I promise that you will know.

This is advice that Ben has suggested in the past and something I was strongly considering, but eventually rejected because I thought I’d be better off having the information than not. But, I’m starting to think I should at least limit how often I check my analytics. I’m probably spending too much time thinking about where traffic is coming from and what my most popular pages are — that’s time that would be better spent writing.

Although I’m not going to join Ben by removing analytics from my site entirely, I do plan on making a concerted effort to check my Initial Charge’s statistics far less frequently.