Introducing Club MacStories ➝

Federico Viticci, announcing the new membership program for MacStories:

If you love MacStories as much as we love making it, I hope you’ll consider becoming a Club MacStories member. This isn’t just about good feelings and supporting MacStories directly (although that’s pretty great): you’ll receive what I believe are useful and informative newsletters every week, plus a recap of everything MacStories and more every month.

MacStories has always been about depth, accuracy, and personal stories. It’s our goal to extend these values to Club MacStories and keep doing so in the future.

I’m incredibly happy for all of the success Federico has found with MacStories. And I hope he, and everyone else writing for the site, continue to churn out some of the best Apple-related reviews and analysis available for many years to come.

I immediately became a Club MacStories member and I encourage you to do so, as well.