Apple Doesn’t Operate in a Bubble ➝

Matt Birchler with an incredible analogy:

If we look at Apple through the lens of a manager, they’re the type of boss you love to have, one who knows exactly what needs to get done and provides you the tools and instructions on how to do it. Android makers, on the other hand, are like a boss who is too hands-off. They say, “here’s a ton of tools, figure out how to use them and see what you come up with.” Yes, that can be fun every now and then, but the team that has the defined vision that is better communicated to them will always be more productive than the team that has to make their own way.

This is a great way to explain the difference in philosophy between Apple and Android handset makers. And I’d bet Matt knows better than most considering he’s currently giving Android a try. But I especially enjoyed how he finished this piece:

Yes, Android phones tend to have features before the iPhone, but because of their poorly communicated benefits and often limited desirability, they might as well not even exist for most people.

The iPhone’s features have focus like no other. And that’s exactly why Apple has such a knack for convincing customers to actually use those features.