iTunes is a Toxic Hellstew ➝

G. Keenan Schneider, in response to Marco Arment’s Don’t Order the Fish:

When I worked at Apple, my co-workers and I frequently lamented the state of iTunes. We prophesized a streamlined, rebuilt from-the-ground-up application with each impending major version release. Instead, we got new features wedged into the same old foundation. […]

Looking back, it’s still shocking that our dreams of a new iTunes were never realized. Apple, a company that shows little to no remorse when it kills its babies, has somehow kept this thing on life support. They should’ve immolated it long ago and allowed something new, agile, and slim to emerge from the ashes.

Honestly, I seldomly use iTunes. Sure, it’s always running on my Mac, but only so that we can stream media from our iTunes library to the Apple TV on a whim. When I do use it though, it’s completely miserable. I always have to relearn how to find certain sections of my library and often have to perform web searches to remember how to use a feature that’s no longer where I expect it to be.

We know iTunes peaked four or five years ago and it’s time Apple did something about it.