Fall’s iPhone Lineup Predictions ➝

I like Matt Birchler’s predictions for the upcoming iPhone lineup. But, my gut tells me the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren’t going to stick around beyond the sell-through of existing stock. Instead, I predict we’ll see the lineup as follows:

  • iPhone 6s Plus – $299 ($749)
  • iPhone 6s – $199 ($649)
  • iPhone 5s – $99 ($499)
  • iPhone 5c – Free ($399)

I believe Apple wants to keep the free model plastic for the foreseeable future and use screen size as a natural distinction between the three “mainstream” models. I think the 5c and 5s will get minor internal bumps, although I can’t nail down exactly what they’ll change — possibly a slightly more efficient and cheaper to manufacture system on a chip to give them a longer lifespan for buyers.

I am on board with Matt when it comes to the internal storage options, though. I think the two 4-inch models will feature 16GB while the 4.7- and 5.5-inch models will start at 32GB. It’s clear that 16GB is barely passable at this point and the current iPhone 5c’s 8GB of storage is a complete joke. It’s time for the iPhone to have more reasonable storage options in the low end — I don’t think 16GB is best for users, but Apple needs to give them another reason to purchase a more expensive model.

Looking further into the future, I think Apple will introduce a new 4-inch model this spring that will replace both the iPhone 5s and 5c. This new model will be dubbed the iPhone 6c, will sport a 5c-style plastic casing, and occupy the free and $99 pricing tiers (depending on your choice of storage, 16GB or 32GB).