Mike Becky

New OS X Threat is Not So New ➝

Joe Caiati, regarding the recent Mac malware scare:

Adware like VSearch and Genieo have already been able to be installed surreptitiously on a Mac without a user’s password. Prior to yesteday’s findings, this type of software would be installed via a malicious browser extension which would download in the background and install without user authentication. […]

Regardless, don’t assume that your Mac is safe. I’d recommend that you run a piece of software called AdwareMedic (which appears to have been acquired by Malwarebytes) to scan for any adware and malware that could have found its way onto your Mac.

I haven’t run anti-malware software since I switched to the Mac in 2006. But since then, market share numbers have started shifting at an increasingly rapid pace. Maybe it’s time I consider installing AdwareMedic, just in case.