Joshua Topolsky on Leaving Bloomberg ➝

Joshua Topolsky, writing on his personal weblog:

The reality in media right now is that there is an enormous amount of noise. There are countless outlets (both old and new) vying for your attention, desperate not just to capture some audience, but all the audience. And in doing that, it feels like there’s a tremendous watering down of the quality and uniqueness of what is being made. Everything looks the same, reads the same, and seems to be competing for the same eyeballs. In both execution and content, I find myself increasingly frustrated with the rat race for maximum audience at any expense. It’s cynical and it’s cyclical — which makes for an exhausting and frankly boring experience.

I’ve never understood why companies weren’t happy enough with the audience they’ve already garnered — why they have this incessant need to grow. It’s not sustainable and forces the business to do underhanded things in order to maintain their unnatural size, but eventually it all falls apart.

I find slow and steady to always be superior to explosive growth — it makes for businesses that are easier to manage and are built for the long-haul. The world needs more companies that are run with this mindset, especially on the web.

Josh mentioned the incredible year-over-year growth that Bloomberg experienced while he was on board. But this bit above leaves me hopefully that he isn’t chasing after increases like that, they’re just a happy accident that occurs when you try to make things that are great. I’m excited to see what Josh decides to make in the future.