Adobe Needs to Kill Flash ➝

Graham Cluley:

It’s perhaps not surprising that some think it’s time for Adobe Flash to call it a day, pack its bags, and leave town for good.

Amongst those who would be happy to see the back of Adobe Flash is Alex Stamos, Facebook’s newly-appointed security chief.

In a tweet this weekend, Stamos – who is a respected member of the security community who is credited for improving the security stance of Yahoo at his previous job – said that it was time for Adobe to announce when Flash would be killed off, and for browsers to assist by dropping support at the same time.

I uninstalled Flash from my Mac right around the time John Gruber wrote about using Google Chrome as a sort-of Flash player for websites that practically require it. Since then I’ve needed Chrome less and less often, experienced improved battery life, and had a cooler running MacBook to boot.

At some point Flash will be no more. I just hope it goes quietly — without users or browser makers having to drag it away, kicking and screaming while Adobe loudly protests during the process.

(Via Nick Heer.)