Apple Says it Will Pay Artists During Tree Trials ➝

In short, Taylor Swift penned a piece on Tumblr complaining about Apple’s decision to not pay musicians during customers’ free trial period. Within hours the entire tech press was talking about it and Apple was forced to quickly change their policies.

I don’t see how you can look at this as anything but a win for small artists. Sure, Taylor Swift is worth millions and doesn’t need the money, but she’s also in a position of power where a note on her Tumblr could force the most valuable company in the world to rethink their stance.

It was a noble gesture and I’m glad somebody had the guts to do it. I wouldn’t call it a completely selfless act — she certainly has the potential to make a lot of money because of Apple’s change of heart. But, a lot of independent artists are going to have a much easier time making ends meet because of this additional three months worth of income.

Now, I just hope Taylor puts her money where her mouth is and allows her fans to stream 1989 on Apple Music.