iPad Multitasking: A Deep Transformation ➝

Federico Viticci, writing for MacStories:

iOS 9 is going to be a watershed moment for iPad users. For many, the iPad is about to graduate from utility to computer. Apple is envisioning a future where users can do more with iPad apps without the inherent complexities of OS X – and they’re largely relying on developers to help build this future.

I’ve been using the iPad Air 2 as my primary computer for months and I couldn’t be more excited about the new features in iOS 9. Being able to have two apps open side-by-side is going to drastically change the way I work — it’s a good time to own an iPad.

I have to admit I feel somewhat validated about my decision to purchase the iPad Air 2. I had been thinking about buying a new iPad for years since my original iPad has basically been unusable since iOS 6 was released. But, for whatever reason I kept waiting — every year holding off until next year’s model only to decide against getting it. Something was different about the Air 2, though— 2GB of RAM.

The increase in RAM from the iPad Air to the Air 2 was so drastic that I knew there had to be a reason for it. Apple doesn’t just double the memory in their devices willy-nilly — they knew long ago that iOS 9’s multitasking features were coming and that it would require a significant increase in memory to run smoothly. I could see that Apple had something big planned and I knew the Air 2 was the one to buy.