Matt Gemmell Reviews the MacBook ➝

A raving review by Matt Gemmell — he seems to love it. I found this part regarding who the MacBook is for to be particularly insightful:

This is a computer for those privileged enough to be able to use it.

I’m not talking about money, but rather the freedom to not care about the areas where it might be suboptimal for others. It’s for people who are lucky enough that this kind of machine doesn’t demand compromise.

I finally had the opportunity to get my hands on Apple’s new MacBook a couple of weekends ago and I have to say it’s a nice machine — it’s thin, it’s light, the display is gorgeous, and the Force Touch Trackpad, magically, feels like a real trackpad. But, I hate the keyboard.

The limited key travel felt really uncomfortable and because the keys are both closer together and larger, I never knew where my fingers were while I was typing. I would often miss when trying to hit keys above or below the home row and then would usually type a backslash when I was attempting to correct my error by hitting the delete key. It never felt good to use.

Granted, I didn’t spend too much time with the MacBook. I fiddled with it for about 20-30 minutes during my visit to the Walnut Street Apple Store in Philadelphia. It’s possible that it would begin to feel more comfortable after several hours of use, but I didn’t get that impression during my time with it. If I was in the market for a new Mac, I’d probably end up with an 11-inch MacBook Air.