Mike Becky

The Focus Course is Now Available ➝

It’s a 40 day course written and produced by Shawn Blanc featuring 5 modules, 18 videos, downloadable workbooks, and a members-only discussion forum. It’s designed to help you maintain focus on what matters allowing you to do more meaningful work.

Shawn Blanc, from the announcement on his weblog:

The Focus Course is for anyone who wants to increase productivity, personal integrity, morale, and overall quality of life. What sets the course apart is that it guides you in the implementation of these principles so that these topics go beyond mere head knowledge and into experiential knowledge.

Shawn’s been working on The Focus Course for over a year, but accelerated his efforts over the past several months putting everything he had into it. He’s received incredible feedback from his pool of beta testers and has now released it to the world.

The Focus Course normally costs $250, but will be available for $199 during launch week. If you’re interested in taking more control over the way you use your time and getting more meaningful, fulfilling work done, I suggest giving the course a look.