Apple Maps and the Long Road Back ➝

Matt Hauger:

I’d even identified the perfect test case. The West Virginia Division of Highways just opened a five-mile stretch of highway near our home in the Potomac Highlands. “Surely,” I thought, “Google will incorporate this new route before Apple.” […]

I was wrong. Firing up both apps on my iPhone last night, I was surprised to find that Apple had discovered the new four-lane stretch before Google.

My fiancée and I used Apple Maps to navigate from upstate New York, to Gettysburg, to Philadelphia, and back this past weekend. My experience with Maps has been nothing but positive since it first launched in 2012, but this was the first trip that we relied on it as our only mapping application — usually we use TomTom to do most of the heavy lifting. Whether we were traveling on the back roads of central Pennsylvania or the busy traffic of Philadelphia, Maps handled it all without a hitch.